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Human Resources

As we believe that the business is only as good as its people, we have a strong focus on our human resources. Plantcor fully subscribes to the principles contained in the Employment Equity Act, No.55 of 1998, as well as the Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) principles contained in the Mining Charter.
We understand and support the need for uplifting and empowering Previously Disadvantaged Groups and are therefore constantly reviewing and amending our Employment Equity Policies. In addition, Plantcor has adopted the following philosophy and approach with regard to its employees:

> To promote and maintain the fair treatment, dignity and self-respect of all its employees;
> To ensure their safety and health while at work;
> To provide fair remuneration and terms of service, and to do what can be done to improve the working conditions of all its employees;
> To establish and maintain open lines of communication between personnel and management; and
> To provide them with effective training and development programmes.

Employment Equity

The Company is fully committed to achieving its employment equity targets. In this regard Plantcor takes cognisance of the diversity that exists in the broader society and subscribes to principles of employment equity based on dignity and respect for all people. The Company is, therefore, etermined to achieve equity in the workplace in accordance with its employment equity policy by promoting equal opportunity and fair treatment in employment by taking steps to eliminate unfair discrimination and to implement affirmative action measures whenever possible to redress the disadvantages in employment experienced by designated groups so as to ensure their equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels of the workforce.

Management is opposed to tokenism and is mindful of its mission and its obligations to be a centre of excellence and to maintain appropriate standards of efficiency and productivity within a competitive environment. The Company will, therefore, always endeavour to attract and retain high calibre staff and is, as such, committed to striving towards a working environment where opportunities and treatment of people is not dependant on race, sex, or any other arbitrary grounds.

Training and Skills Development

It is the Company’s objective to − through ongoing skills development and training − contribute to the social and economic upliftment, development and growth of the country.

To this end we have created a culture of ongoing learning, by implementing on-the-job training and sending our staff on various SETA registered skills development programmes.

We are focusing on skills shortages in the industry and training our staff on portable skills that will assist them in furthering their careers.


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